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Mr. Ennis’ 2014 MTV VMAs predictions


It’s that time again. Time for MTV to pretend to care about music for a few hours. Just like last year I will not be watching out of principle. This year instead of looking at every category, I opted to watch videos from categories that actually have to do with the videos. If you do watch, maybe you can play along with me. Take a look at my predictions for tonight’s awards. If any of them are wrong, I give you the right to ridicule me in the comments. I’ll be back tomorrow with my opinions.

Video of the Year:

  • What WILL win: Happy – Pharell Williams
  • What SHOULD win: Happy – Pharell Williams

Best Male Video:

  • What WILL win: Happy – Pharell Williams
  • What SHOULD win: The Monster – Eminem & Rihanna

Best Female Video:

  • What WILL win: Problem – Ariana Grande & Iggy Azalea
  • What SHOULD win: Partition – Beyonce

Best Pop Video:

  • What WILL win: Problem – Ariana Grande & Iggy Azalea
  • What SHOULD win: Happy – Pharell Williams

Best Rock Video:

  • What WILL win: Fever – The Black Keys
  • What SHOULD win: Until It’s Gone – Linkin Park

Best Hip-Hop Video:

  • What WILL win: Berzerk – Eminem
  • What SHOULD win: Berzerk – Eminem

Best Direction:

  • What WILL win: Turn Down for What – DJ Snake & Lil’ John
  • What SHOULD win: The Writing’s On the Wall – OK Go

Best Choreography:

  • What WILL win: Chandelier – Sia
  • What SHOULD win: Hideaway – Kiesza

Best Visual Effects:

  • What WILL win: Turn Down for What – DJ Snake & Lil’ John
  • What SHOULD win: The Writing’s On the Wall – OK Go

Best Art Direction:

  • What WILL win: Turn Down for What – DJ Snake & Lil’ John
  • What SHOULD win: Rap God – Eminem

Best Editing:

  • What WILL win: Pretty Hurts – Beyonce
  • What SHOULD win: Your Life is a Lie – MGMT

Best Cinematography:

  • What WILL win: Pretty Hurts – Beyonce
  • What SHOULD win: Hate or Glory – Gesaffelstein

Best Video with a Social Message:

  • What WILL win: Pretty Hurts – Beyonce
  • What SHOULD win: Hey Brother – Avicii
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Some Blog Updates

Miss me?

A lot of things have happened and I want to give you an update on what has happened to the countdown and the other stuff I promised you.

On June 3rd my grandfather lost his year-long battle with esophageal cancer. Obviously blogging was the last thing on my mind. I devoted half of June to being with the rest of my family.

While that was going on I was taking a summer class and dropping another. I also had to do a little straightening up some school finances that got a little screwy when I finally dropped that other class. Then I had to spend 2 weekends rebuilding a room at the family’s farm house. A while ago the roof blew off and rain cascaded into several rooms. It’s been a very crazy month.

But now I’m writing from my super secret location in North Carolina to let you know that I’m back. Once I find the time (which will be soon) I will continue the Shocking Music Moments countdown and debut the Song of the Day. Other good stuff is coming, like editorials, news, and months and weeks devoted to certain topics.

Thanks for hanging in there. I’ll do my best to get new stuff to you soon.

Rest in peace, Pap. Thanks for everything.

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Shocking Moment #96: Whitney and Bobby in Israel


In 2003, music’s power couple, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, along with their daughter, shocked the planet when they took a spiritual retreat to the Holy Land. If it were anyone else, the trip would be overlooked by the press. But this was Whitney and Bobby, so they were bound to screw up the entire trip.

The whole episode was confusing to say the least. There are numerous head-scratching moments in this fiasco. First the two met with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in what became an awkward press circus. Next was the million and one times Whitney Houston shouted the words “My land!” to the crowds. The best moment is footage of Whitney on her cell phone walking to the Jordan to be baptized amidst a long line of pietistic worshippers.

The duo claimed they were there for 3 reasons: a legitimate “spiritual retreat”, for Whitney to gain inspiration for an upcoming Christmas album, and (the most likely reason) to visit a controversial sect known as the Black Hebrews.

Eleven years later, people are still asking themselves what Jerusalem ever did to deserve a visit from Whitney and Bobby.

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Shocking Moments #97: W.A.S.P.’s Torture Rack


W.A.S.P. is legendary to shock rock fans because of their horrific onstage antics and concepts, and the band proved that on its first tour when they debuted the infamous torture rack.

The set played out like this: halfway through the song, “Tormentor”, lead singer, Blackie Lawless, would open two large doors revealing a half naked woman with a black hood over her head tied to a wooden rack. Lawless would then pretend to slit her throat, whip her, or make her do some sort of sexual act. At the end of the song, the doors were shut and the rack wouldn’t appear until the next tour stop. The rack was retired after the first tours, but reappeared in 1987 at the Monsters of Rock show.

The “rack girl” was played by 5 different women over the years. At least one of them was a female groupie and runaway who was reportedly very uncomfortable about the act. She has since become a Christian. (Not surprised, considering what she went through.)

Not surprisingly, the rack, plus other stuff, got W.A.S.P. in a heap of trouble with parent groups and censors. If anything it solidified the band’s reputation as legends of shock rock and provided one of the most shocking stage spectacles in music history.

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Shocking Moment #98: The Death of Jim Morrison


On July 3, 1971, The Doors frontman, Jim Morrison, was found dead in a bathtub in his apartment in Paris of what appeared to be a drug overdose. In keeping with French policy, no autopsy was performed because foul play was not suspected. This has fueled many conspiracy theories about how exactly the rock star met his end.

The official report is that he was found by his longtime companion, Pamela Courson. Morrison had apparently taken too much of Courson’s heroin and died of a hemorrhage while taking a bath. Sounds open-and-shut enough, but there have been numerous different versions of the story, leading some to question Courson’s validity. In some stories the drug was heroin, in others it was cocaine. There were also anecdotal reports that Morrison had been vomiting blood in the months prior to his death and that Courson had lied to the police, saying Jim Morrison never did drugs. She supposedly even admitted to killing him herself, either accidentally or on purpose.

The case is complicated, but it is, nonetheless, one of the most shocking moments in rock and roll. I personally accept the official report.

And oh yeah, Jim Morrison died at age 27, making him part of the legendary 27 Club.

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Shocking Moment #99: Adam Ant Flips Out


In 2002, ’80s new wave artist Adam Ant strolled into the Prince of Wales pub looking for the man he claimed was making threats toward him and his daughter. Clad in a ridiculous cowboy outfit, he demanded to speak with the mysterious offender only to get laughed out of the building by everyone inside.

A few hours later Adam Ant returned to the pub armed with (of all things) a car alternator, which he launched through the glass window before hi-taling it to a back ally. At least 1 person was hurt. Pub security and a few bystanders gave chase. Ant was cornered in the ally by the mob, but everyone backed off when he whipped out his father’s old starting pistol in defense. He then ran back onto the street and was promptly arrested by the nearby police.

Ant was charged with “causing affray” and was ordered to pay £500 and to go into psychiatric care, which he accepted.


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Shocking Moment #100: Britney’s VMAs “Comeback”

Britney Spears - Gimme More (MTV VMA 2007) DTV 720p p1

2007 was a pretty lousy year for pop star Britney Spears, so when it was announced that she would open the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards with her new single, “Gimme More”, everyone was excited. The media, critics, fans, and MTV built up the performance as Britney’s “comeback”. What we all saw was anything but a comeback.

Spears gave what is widely considered to be the worst performance of her life. She was out of step, out of shape, and seemingly out of her head. In his review for the Washington Post, John Maynard summed up the routine perfectly with one sentence: “Britney Spears was not ready for prime time.” The next day everyone seemed to be weighing in on the story. Critics, celebrities, bloggers, and news anchors voiced their disbelief and disgust, prompting super fan Chris Crocker to post his infamous “Leave Britney Alone!” video.

But all was not lost. After the disastrous performance, “Gimme More” became a hit and is one of Britney’s most successful singles.

Instead of a triumphant return, the Britney comeback has gone down in music history as one of the most embarrassing and shocking moments in modern music.

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Shocking Moments, Songs of the Day, and a Hologram

It’s official, people: I will debut my list of the 100 most shocking music moments on Tuesday starting with number 100. The finished list will no doubt be controversial. Unlike most of the lists I came across during my research, I tried not to make my top 100 look like a popularity contest. Instead I wanted to stick with moments that struck me as truly shocking. There will be many famous moments, some not so famous moments, some baffling moments, and some hilarious moments. I must say it was very difficult to narrow down the list to just 100. My end count is around 160, so maybe some moments you were hoping to see are probably in that lower 60. The order of the list might also make some people a little mad. If you have a disagreement (or if you agree 100%) I’d love to hear your opinion.

My next announcement is the song of the day posts, which will begin next Sunday. I’m still trying to figure out how to present them to you, so hang tight.

Michael Jackson hologram     2014 Billboard Music Awards - Roaming Show

The last thing I want to talk about is that amazing Michael Jackson hologram that premiered at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. The most common description people gave upon their first viewing of MJ from beyond the grave is “creepy” and “amazing”. I concur. Take a look at the video and see what you think.

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Blog News and Announcements

Okay…so the one-year anniversary ideas didn’t happen. Sorry about that.

But I’m back now! So the first order of business is to let you all know what I have in mind next:

1. The song of the day is still going to happen. First I want to figure out what the format of those will be and then you’ll finally see it.

2. The favorite/countdown lists may happen, but only sporadically. It depends on when I can do it (remember: life gets in the way) and when I get an idea for one. So keep an eye out for those over the summer. Speaking of…

3. Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on a new countdown list. Since last month was the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s suicide (which I’m still kicking myself for not posting about it) I’ve been looking at other big events, particularly in the world of music. Some time ago VH1, on two separate occasions, put out a list of 100 Shocking Music Moments. I hated them both and figured I could do better. So I’ve been putting together my own list of the top 100 shocking music moments. As of May 12 I have way too many to choose from. The list is slowly being whittled down and has already been shown around to different people for their opinions. Here’s what it will look like: each day for 100 days I will post a new story of what I consider to be the most surprising, weird, and tragic moments in music history starting with number 100. Since this is such an ambitious project it’ll take a little more time to prepare. I’m guessing the list will debut in a week or two. I will make it official the day before the first post.

There you have it. Stay tuned for the first song of the day and keep checking back for the 100 Shocking Music Moments. See you later, people!

Mr. Ennis

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One Year Anniversary!!!

It was one year ago today I started this blog. I was just a student in Web Design class when we got the assignment to start a blog in order to gain experience about how sites like this work.

Luckily for you I decided to keep this blog around and not delete it, like my normal classmates would have. So here we are, a few dozen reviews and commentaries later, and this blog is STILL better than Rolling Stone! This calls for a celebration.

There’s more good stuff to come in the next few days. In addition to more reviews, countdowns, and best and worst lists, I will be starting a Song of the Day post and in a few weeks I will be counting down my favorite albums and give a review for each. I might not be able to offer stuff every day, but I’ll try my best.

Thanks for reading. I’ll be back soon.

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