For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Tom Ennis and I love music.

It all started in the ’90s with my dad who kept a best of The Beatles cassette in our car at all times.  It’s safe to say I’ve been a Beatles fan ever since I was 3.  Even though I had no clue what half the words meant I still remember how fun it was to listen to that cassette.IMG_20130417_004639

Many years later I started listening to radio; all genres from radio.  First it was country, then pop, then hip hop.  I seemed to gravitate towards a new genre ever year or so.  During my high school years when I discovered iTunes I started taking music a bit more seriously.

I started reading Rolling Stone and allmusic.com to get expert opinions about what I should hear next.  What I found from this is that critics don’t always know what they’re talking about.  I very rarely agree with Rolling Stone and I really don’t agree with Pitchfork.  (By the way, allmusic is still the most reliable  in terms of reviews.)

So because of my frustration with lack of critical consistency and my love for music, I started this blog to showcase my own opinions on albums, artists, and genres.  I may not have experience in the field, but I do know a good album when I hear it.  I also know a bad album when I hear it.  Take a look through my posts and see if you agree with what I had to say about your favorites.


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