Posted by: tdennis2011 | February 3, 2016

Some Housekeeping and What to Expect Next

It has taken me a year to return to blogging. 2015 was a very important, unpredictable year full of peaks and valleys. In the last few months I found time to think and reorganize some things, including this blog. I decided it was time to come back and get a little more serious.

So I have returned with a semi-regular blogging schedule. From now on you can expect at least 2 posts a month and several additions throughout the year. Those additions could be lists on specific topics, reviews, music news, or editorials as well as my usual thoughts about award shows and the annual year-end review. This way you are almost guaranteed new material each time you visit this blog.

The current addition is a page designated for my picks of the greatest albums ever made. The list is constantly changing, so check it often. I am also in the process of updating my favorites lists. You may recall that I had posted such lists before, but when I looked at them again recently, I was mortified. They were woefully out of date and no longer reflected my taste. I will be righting those wrongs shortly.

If I find the time, who knows, maybe I’ll give “The Top 100 Shocking Music Moments” another try. There might even be some new album reviews. I haven’t done one of those in a long time…

For the time being, expect new material at least twice a month. I’ll be shooting for sometime around the 3rd and the next to last Saturday of the month. I may not be able to upload anything on those exact dates, but I’ll certainly try. That’s all for now. Remember to keep checking this blog for brand new material and I’ll see you later.

It’s so good to be back…


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