Posted by: tdennis2011 | December 19, 2014

Hello Again, People

I’m back!

Now that school is over (for now) I can get back to blogging. Sorry for that longer-than-usual hiatus.

This is the time of the year when music critics and fans alike decide what music was worth your time. My 2nd annual Best of the Year lists will be posted on December 31, same as last year. I’m still listening to all the entries, which include at least 31 albums and a re-ranking of Billboard’s 100 biggest hits of 2014. I say at least 31 albums because I know I’ll probably be adding more to the list every other day.

Some housekeeping:

1) A few months ago I looked at my general lists of favorite music I posted last year and was absolutely horrified. Clearly my tastes have changed. I’ll be updating all of those lists soon, so keep checking back here to see what I like now.

2) The 100 Shocking Music Moments countdown will resume sometime in January.

3) There was plenty to be upset about this year, so you can expect the occasional rant from now on. Possible topics are: VH1, the current state of rap music, and (shiver) bro country.

4) The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just announced its class of 2015. My opinion will be up soon.

5) I realized I left you hanging by not finishing my predictions for this year’s VMAs. Sorry about that. I’ll get around to those, too.

That’s what you can expect for the next month or so. I’ll try to keep a tighter rein on my blogging obligations. Promise.

See you later.


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